Jumpmaze is a platforming and speedrunning mod for Zandronum. Beginning with the original WAD in 2008, the mod has since grown to support online rankings and over three hundred maps.

There are three types of map in Jumpmaze:

  • Solo: Players complete the map as fast as they can, with a timer shared for all players.
  • Team: Non-linear maps where players earn points after completing certain actions.
  • JMRun: Continuous (looping) maps where each player has their own timer. Based on ZanRun.

Map sets

  • Jumpmaze: the original, released in 2008 and led by Cyber'.
  • Jumpmaze 2: a follow-up released in 2013 and led by Hypnotoad, Positron, and wario.
  • Jumpmaze X: the official sequel to the original Jumpmaze, released 2020 and led by Cyber'.
  • Jumpmaze Community Edition, containing:
    • Jumpix, led by AC3 and Frank.
    • Jumpix II led by Erduke, Hisymak, and AC3.
    • Light JM by Lightning, Hypnojump (Hypnotoad), Neojump (Guardsoul), NotCXJump (Sean), AAC (AAC), speedmaps, and more.
  • Advanced Jumpmaze, stupidly difficult maps for the most dedicated pros.


Jumpmaze's ranking feature allows servers to save the personal best times of each player to a database. The official database is on servers hosted by Firestick Games, and leaderboards can be viewed in-game, or online via the pages available from the sidebar.

To save your times, create an account on the Zandronum auth server, then login ingame. A guide is available on the Zandronum wiki.


The official Jumpmaze servers are hosted by Blue Firestick in the UK. All servers are ranked and connected to the main database.

  • <Blue Firestick> ~~ Official Public Jumpmaze, containing all maps except Advanced JM in random order.
  • <Blue Firestick> ~~ Jumpmaze - Easier Maps, containing all maps of Very Easy, Easy, and Moderate difficulties, in order.
  • <Blue Firestick> ~~ Jumpmaze X, containing all JMX maps in order.
  • <Blue Firestick> ~~ Advanced Jumpmaze, containing only Advanced JM maps.
  • <Blue Firestick> ~~ Official Private Jumpmaze, password-protected servers for group speedrunning.
  • <Blue Firestick> ~~ Official Solo Jumpmaze, password-protected server for solo speedrunning.

A beta server is also sometimes available for testing new features and maps, and uses a separate testing database.