Map Record Holder Time
MAP01 Box Processing Dastan[R] 0:11.65
MAP02 Downtown UAC Klaus Schabs 0:09.94
MAP03 Race to the Top! evg 0:22.34
MAP04 Mando's Express [WW]Tigeriens 0:17.08
MAP05 Storage Facility [PF]Poto_ 0:26.37
MAP06 Nukage Lab [UTN]Cirno 0:18.28
MAP07 The 30 Second Canyon GOAT Snail 0:20.97
MAP08 Up the Frozen River [NSR]Poto 0:18.68
MAP09 Speed Arena evg 0:27.74
MAP10 Doomfiend's Blue Domain [PF]PotoF- 0:29.77
MAP11 Canyon Complex [PF]Poto 0:21.97
MAP12 Shadowed Fortress Evg 0:20.25
MAP13 Tech Facility fish 0:24.57
MAP14 Factory Entrance Potovski Potovich Ptas, Evg, D'sparil[ws], agaures 0:39.85
MAP15 Forest of the Undead [EG]Dastan 0:24.25
MAP16 Keo's Domain - Jumper's Path [R$D]'sparil 0:35.71
MAP17 Hell's Fury Migeriens 0:31.51
MAP18 Thumper's Perils of a Toxicity [BBT]Poto 0:46.77
MAP19 Skulltag Olympia 2008 fish 0:37.08
MAP20 Canyons, Caves, and Lava. Oh my! [PF]Tigeriens, [PF]Poto 0:13.22
MAP21 Castle Climb $ K$T $ Dastan, [PF]Poto, [PF]Turki, mashallah 0:45.42
MAP22 Life of a Test Subject FU! Poto 0:24.40
MAP23 Escape From Lab 9 snail 1:20.17
MAP24 Phendrana [PF]Kael, [PF]3DFloorUsage 1:16.02
MAP25 Unholy Despair Sayori IS GAY XD, Yuri, Monika, Natsuki <3 0:23.37
MAP27 Welcome to the Void Evg, [RAWR]agaures, Infer[R], [RAWR]ConTheFal, Snail, [RAWR]Poto 1:54.17
MAP28 Cloud 9 [R$D]'sparil 0:23.37
MAP29 Volcano Hallway [PF]Poto, ionpf 0:14.22
MAP30 Fate of a Platformer agaures, D'sparil[ws], ConTheFal, GOAT Snail 0:59.71
MAP31 4-Halls of Death $ K$T $ Dastan, [PF]Turki, [PF]Poto 1:45.74
MAP32 Precision Run GOAT Snail 1:07.88

Jumpmaze 2

Map Record Holder Time
MAP00 Training Snail 0:30.77
MAP33 Jump Trials [WS]Carpadarp 0:41.65
MAP34 Junglefalls s n a i l 0:59.74
MAP35 Rage Maze D'sparil[ws] 0:27.62
MAP36 Goldfinger Snail489 0:35.97
MAP37 Volcano Escape :sob: Poto 1:06.34
MAP38 Jumpmaze Circuit [PF]Poto 1:10.02
MAP39 Escape from Hell o.o 1:19.37
MAP40 Proteh's Chaos Base [PF]Poto 0:44.25
MAP41 Jump City [PF]Poto 0:51.91
MAP43 Lava Laboratory D'sparil[ws] 0:37.34
MAP44 Jumpmaze-Hq [PF]3DFloorUsage, KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:49.14
MAP45 Durch Die Hölle Gehen [LKR]Poto 0:53.57
MAP46 Blocks of Doom [PF]Poto, :smiling_imp:, BONG IS A FAT FUCK BRING BACK KA 1:17.80
MAP47 DrugLab [PF]Poto 0:44.25
MAP48 Escape From The Horror [PF]Kael 0:49.82
MAP49 Kill Ratio [PF]Poto 0:30.42
MAP50 Space-Station (GOH)Poto <3 0:47.77
MAP51 Port Town [PF]Tigeriens 1:17.08
MAP52 Vivid Dreams, Sweetheart D'sparil[ws] 1:03.74
MAP53 Doomed Cruise [PF]Poto 0:37.57
MAP54 Jumping Factory (SB)Tigeriens 0:31.54
MAP55 Bloody Donation GOAT Snail 1:55.51
MAP56 Red Hot Ride GOAT Poto 0:47.65
MAP57 Core Dump GOAT Poto, GOAT Snail, GOAT Turki 2:38.71
MAP58 Red Hot Ride II fish 0:53.80
MAP59 Rage Maze 2 [PF]Infected 1:03.28
MAP60 40 Below Zero s n a i l 1:47.22
MAP61 Sweet Dreams Wario dsparil 0:56.68
MAP62 AAC'S Hive Migeriens, Nigeriens, throwiens 0:23.65
MAP63 Across the Dark Swamp (SB)Potoiens 2:43.11
MAP64 The Last Hurrah [TWT]Tigeriens 1:21.17


Map Record Holder Time
BASS Bass poto241 0:09.34
JPX01 Badlands [CR]Razor 0:08.11
JPX02 Raiden Poto 0:08.54
JPX03 Occupied Waters brutal_player 0:17.68
JPX04 Chem VI [SBT]Poto 0:32.08
JPX05 Haunted Hall [infer]cubuceta 0:12.97
JPX06 Mountain Jump agaures 0:14.51
JPX07 Across The Canyon and Into the Caves pfion 0:19.60
JPX08 Nukage [PF]Turki, $ K$T $ Dastan, [PF]Aliens 0:16.42
JPX09 Space Race [PF]Poto 0:27.45
JPX10 The Mill pfion, [PF]Poto, KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, [pf]kael 0:15.80
JPX11 Darkest Chasm [PF]Poto 0:23.42
JPX12 Tunnel Trouble [PF]Poto 0:26.51
JPX13 Crusaders Corridor Evg, Hypnotoad, :couple_mm: Sean + Hypnotoad, [BL]Poto, [bl]darkion 0:26.62
JPX14 Hot-Head Bop [PF]Poto 0:25.82
JPX15 Jumpenstein Snail 0:26.31
JPX16 Fire Field [2KS]PotoStr1ke 0:45.62
JPX17 Ruins I LIKE BABYMETAL 0:48.77
JPX18 The Sixth Dimension D'sparil[ws], Carpadarp, James Tonis, ConTheFal, (GOH)Poto 0:44.37
JPX19 Path of Peril Snail 0:45.11
JPX20 Computer Lab [RSD]D'sparil, [EG]Dastan, GOAT Snail 0:53.60
JPX21 Entering Hell [UTN]Poto 0:33.77
JPX23 Cave FU! Poto 1:13.68
JPX24 Castle Kael 1:25.42
JPX25 [EDK] Fortress [PF]Potoiens 0:25.77
JPX26 Pain and Agony [PF]Poto 0:43.82
JPX27 The Nightmare (GOH)Poto 0:53.57
JPX28 Depths of Darkness KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, [PF]Kael 0:43.54
JPX29 New Mojave [PF]Poto 0:19.42
JPX31 A Winter Dream [BL]Poto 0:53.02
JPX32 First Strike [PF]Poto 1:43.20
JPXSEC Happy Dreams tiger what did u eat today 0:28.37
JPXSEC2 Colors (GOH)Tigeriens 0:21.00
JPXSEC3 Tribal Unity [PF]Poto 0:15.57

Jumpix 2

Map Record Holder Time
JPX2BDEM (Route 1) Library [PF]Poto 0:19.60
JPX2BDEM (Route 2) Library [PF]Poto 0:21.17
JPX2BDEM (Route 3) Library [PF]Kael 0:21.77
JPX2BDEM (Route 4) Library [PF]Poto 0:21.74
JPX2BDEM (Route 5) Library GOAT Snail 0:58.60
JPX2BDEM (Route 6) Library [PF]Poto 0:15.22
JPX2BDEM (Route 7) Library [PF]Kael 0:18.80
JPX2BDEM (Route 7) Library [PF]Kael 0:18.80
JPX2BDEM (Route 8) Library GOAT Snail 0:55.68
JPX33 Lago Ypacarai [PF]PotoF- 0:27.82
JPX34 ELTSAC SSG o.o 0:18.28
JPX35 Iron Bricks iks de 0:34.94
JPX36 Elemental [PF]Poto 0:43.91
JPX37 Mother Nature's Home [PF]Poto 1:34.05
JPX38 Eternal [PF]Poto 0:47.31
JPX39 The Strongest Spirit GOAT Snail 1:52.74
JPX40 Cave Kael 0:22.80
JPX41 The Laboratory Evg, GOAT Snail, [goh]darkion 0:26.77
JPX42 Mansion [PF]Aliens 1:05.11
JPX49 Industrial Machinery [PF]Poto 0:34.14
JPX50 ZteelWorx [PF]Stealth Trooper 1:30.02
JPX51 Planet Odd Terminator 1:15.88
JPX52 Twinkle Snow [PF]Poto 1:45.77
JPX53 Dammit [GOH]Aliens, gohinpotomouth, [GOH]Poto, :wind_chime:, (GOH)Tigeriens 1:46.85
JPX54 Siege of Hei Fei Castle :airplane:, :department_store:, :boom: 0:44.80
JPX55 UAC Base [PF]PotoF- 0:42.74
JPX56 Buildings and Pipes [PF]Poto 1:43.77
JPXIISEC Feudal Age Lamp 0:31.68

Light JM

Map Record Holder Time
GREEN Green Jumpmaze [PF]Tigeriens 0:26.37
LJM01 Poison Lightning, (GOH)Tigeriens, (GOH)Poto, GOAT Snail 0:18.20
LJM02 Cross The Islands [PF]Poto 0:09.97
LJM03 Gotcha! Demented Terminator 0:17.37
LJM04 The Canyon [PF]Potonaparkinglot 0:15.51
LJM05 Interplanetary Jumpmaze [UTN]Poto 0:23.88
LJM06 Winter (GOH)Poto 0:23.45
LJM07 The Lava Void tai[r] 0:21.02
LJM08 Plane of Fire [GOH]Poto 0:40.37
LJM09 Land Of Misery (GOH)Poto 0:19.51
LJM10 Mount Sewer [PF]Poto, [cr]Razor-I Love Skr <3 0:24.88
LJM11 Cross The Islands II [PF]Poto 0:16.97
LJM12 Big River (GOH)Poto, [GOH]Langrenus, Darkion 0:29.80
LJM13 Cliffside Pass [PF]Infected 0:54.71
LJM14 Hotlands [PF]Infected 0:48.94
LJM15 Hoots Of A Platformer Poto 1:28.68
LJM16 Undergrounds [PF]Poto 0:20.85


Map Record Holder Time
NEO01 3, 2, 1, JUMP! (SB)Tigeriens 0:09.22
NEO02 Through the sewer (GOH)TigerFist 0:24.31
NEO02 Through the sewer (GOH)TigerFist 0:24.31
NEO03 The highway Lightning 0:11.42
NEO04 Storage facility (GOH)TigerFist 0:29.77
NEO05 Temple of darkness [PF]PotoF- 0:24.54
NEO06 The mechanical tower Lightning 0:36.60
NEO07 Incoming flood [PF]Kael, [PF]Poto, [PF]Ion 0:37.60
NEO08 Something to remember [B]Razor 1:12.60
NEO09 The core (GOH)Poto 1:04.20
NEO10 UAC complex Snail, (GOH)Poto, LAPTOPPPPPPPPPPPPPP*, (GOH)TigerFist 0:41.97
NEO11 Lava castle jrtHelper0, jrtHelper1, jrtHelper2 0:34.31
NEO12 Tetris world Jupi Can't Stop 'UWU'ing 0:37.88
NEO13 Valley Island Lightning 0:33.68
NEO14 Madness o_<>, 0_<>, <>_0, TOUHOU IS GAY, []_<> 0:25.88


Map Record Holder Time
HYP01 Offshore Industrial Park [SOS]Tigeriens 0:39.40
HYP02 Doom 2 Jumpmaze [UTN]FireGrenade 1 30 0:42.85
HYP03 Snowccelerate! [PF]Poto 0:40.68
HYP04 Race around the production line 0:17.60
HYP05 Adventures in bongland 0:35.62
HYP06 Hypnotoad's castle of champions [SPB]Poto ^_^ 1:05.34
SHIT The Key to Victory Service Unavailable, KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, I like BABYMETAL, i hate BTS 0:56.85


Map Record Holder Time
RJM01 Back to the Basics [TWT]Tigeriens, FU! Poto, Tonis.PF 5:03.68
RJM02 Blast to the Past 'bd' Poto 0:29.00
RJM03 The Eagle Jeffrey, epstein didn't, kill himself 0:37.85
RJM04 Sendo Reaper's Resting Place Illusionist, DeathKnight 0:45.85
RJMOLD01 Blaster Master Platformer [RAWR]Poto 2:36.17

Neojump X

Map Record Holder Time
XNEO02 Waste processing plant Dastan[R] 0:13.71
XNEO03 Pillars of success [UTN]Poto 0:39.25
XNEO06 Water processing plant FU! Poto 0:27.94
XNEO11 Lava castle agaures, The Spirit Of Antak Yalnith, Jupi Can't Stop 'UWU'ing, GOAT Snail, [TCB]Poto 0:40.80
XNEO13 Valley Island [UTN]Poto 0:43.82


Map Record Holder Time
NCJ01 Ghosts [PF]Poto 0:31.31
NCJ02 Vector 0:17.22
NCJ03 The Octagon Turki, Snail, Chilled Out Link, D'sparil[ws], kael, ConTheFal, (GOH)Poto 0:15.34
NCJ04 The Cave [PF]Poto 0:55.42
NCJ05 (Not)CXJump Circuit 0:16.40
NCJ06 Facility KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, [PF]Kael 0:42.02
NCJSEC The Hoppening Lamp 0:09.45


Map Record Holder Time
AAC01 Unknown Lab [PF]Kael 0:29.94
AAC02 Around the world [SPB]Poto ^_^ 1:05.51
AAC03 Turbo Tunnel [PF]Poto 0:58.37
AAC04 Travincal KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, James Tonis [PF], I like BABYMETAL 2:54.00
AAC05 New Territories gohinpotomouth, [RAWR]Poto, :wind_chime: 1:58.25
AAC06 Central de procesamiento :couple_mm: Sean + Hypnotoad, [BL]Tigeriens, [SC]Dastan, Evg, *n*, [bl]darkion, [BL]Poto 2:59.77
AAC07 Purgatory [PF]Poto 1:39.88
AAC08 Mystery within the rocks [PF]Kael 1:30.62
AAC09 Sewers [PF]Kael 0:51.02
AAC11 Jumpin on da ship Kael 0:59.11

Advanced Jumpmaze

Map Record Holder Time
ADV01 Pressure Point [PF]Poto 0:46.28
ADV02 Hades Vendetta GOAT Snail 0:47.77
ADV03 Momentum Potovski Potovich Ptas 0:57.97
ADV04 Tough Day GOAT Snail 0:46.62
ADV05 Castle, skins, and hell! [PF]Poto 1:06.88
ADV06 Magnetic Flux [TWT]Tigeriens, FU! Poto, [PF]Aliens 3:12.20
ADV07 Limites [PF]Poto 2:15.97
ADV08 Inner Peace :two_men_holding_hands:, :family_mmb: 1:32.51
ADV09 Malignance s n a i l 1:59.37
FLLV2 Industrial Rage fish 0:50.00

Jumpmaze 2 (Rejects/Extras)

Map Record Holder Time
DRAG Drag race snail 0:16.82
FLOORLAV Floor is Lava Poto 0:10.77
RJECT01 Infer's Hell The ghost of Dastan, KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, [PF]Kael 0:34.94
RJECT02 Eternal Void agaures, Snail, Evg, Lagger PL, (GOH)Poto 1:02.37
RJECT03 Gravity Chambers Snail 0:52.25
RJECT04 Airship Doomed helper0, [PF]DarkIon, [PF]Aliens 2:14.77
RJECT05 Islands Of Desolation GOAT Snail, GOAT Poto, [POG]Gloxinia 0:22.60
RJECT06 Interrogator Snail 0:33.34
RJECT07 Gravity Station [PF]Poto 0:46.62

Jumpmaze X

Map Record Holder Time
JMX00A Floor 1: Denial pfio 0:27.11
JMX00B Floor 2: Anger [PF]Poto 0:36.97
JMX00C Floor 3: Bargaining [PF]Poto 0:43.34
JMX00D Floor 4: Depression [PF]Poto 0:47.77
JMX00E Floor 5: Acceptance FU! Poto 1:00.91
JMX00F True Fate of a Platformer The Spirit of Ross Lalor 0:17.05
JMX01 Isolation strengths 0:16.80
JMX02 Night Life at the Pier [PF]Poto 0:14.05
JMX03 Nice Jumpin' Pardner :woman: :mage: 0:06.11
JMX04 Welcome to the UAC, Kid Loss Ralor 0:25.54
JMX05 Magical Falls [PF]Tigeriens 0:18.94
JMX06 Aquatic Expedition [PF]Poto 0:55.85
JMX07 Journey to the Center of the Earth Demented Terminator 0:53.40
JMX08 Ruins of the Castle in the Sky [PF]Aliens, [PF]Poto, [pf]ion, Dastan[R], :moyai: 0:51.31
JMX09 Abandonando Habitos [PF]Poto 0:44.80
JMX10 The Lost Village FU! Poto 1:18.62
JMX11 A Cavernous Adventure [PF]PotoF- 1:18.91
JMX12 Rockface Rumble fish 1:05.60
JMX13 Aurora Australis mashallah 1:14.97
JMX14 Gear Tower Grind [PF]Kael 1:11.34
JMX15 Spooky Scary -Redacted- [PF]Tigeriens 1:37.34
JMX16 Reach for the Moon, Mortal Doomguy s n a i l, Biscuit Oliva oo 1:18.91
JMX17 The Ancient Demon's Paradise INSHALLAH DEATH TO HYPNOTOAD 1:11.22
JMX18 Legend of Mt. Fuji D'sparil[WS] 1:43.74
JMX19 Traptrix Temple [PF]PotoF-, [PF]HanzF-, [pf]ionF- 1:59.97
JMX20 Technomania [PF]PotoF- 2:42.54
JMX21 Relics of the Past $ K$T $ Dastan, [PF]Poto, :moyai: 1:33.51
JMX22 End of the Line FU! Poto 1:10.88
JMX23 Secrets of the Red Planet [PF]Tigeriens 1:28.51
JMX24 Monze KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, ioo, Dabi, [PF]Kael 2:48.51
JMX25 Castle Chaos The 8.3 Inches of Ross Lalor, The IQ of Ross Lalor, The Spirit of Ross Lalor 4:12.42
JMX26 Mechanical Haunting [PF]Aliens, $ K$T $ Dastan, mashallah, [PF]Poto, [PF]Turki 3:36.34
JMX27 Frozen Sanctuary [PF]HanzF-, [PF]Poto, [PF]Tigeriens 4:20.17
JMX28 Road to Revival pot on a parking lot 2:57.80
JMX29 The Tower of Babel [PF]Poto 4:09.05
JMX30 Determination s n a i l 1:56.34
JMX31 Zandro Olympia 20XX mashallah 1:51.20
JMX32 Journey's End The IQ of Ross Lalor, The Spirit of Ross Lalor, The 8.3 Inches of Ross Lalor, The Foreskin of Ross Lalor 3:14.45
JMX33 Epilogue Lamp 0:31.17


Map Record Holder Time
BHOP01 Mountain BHOP [PF]Kael 0:26.14
BHOP02 Into the Sewers [PF]Kael 0:13.37
BHOP03 Speed BHOP [PF]Kael 0:12.91
D2M29 The Living Jumpmaze [PF]Kael 0:18.94
JPM03 Protected land Kael 0:10.88
JPM04 Erkastle [PF]Kael 2:15.88
JPM05 The Dock [PF]Kael 0:39.60
JPM07 Minish Woods Kael 1:36.45
JPM10 Betrayal fish 1:09.05
JPM11 A World in Gray Ted, Kaczynsky didn't, kill himself 0:14.74
JPM12 Forest of Pain [PF]Kael 2:48.05
JPM13 COPACABANA [PF]Tigeriens 0:47.91
JPM15 Path to the Heavens KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 2:25.85
JPS01 PRECISION RUN 2 [PF]Kael 2:02.48


Map Record Holder Time
SPD01 Haram pfion 0:10.97
SPD02 Path to the Neon Heaven KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 1:15.20
SPD03 Race to the Bottom! [PF]Kael 0:12.37
SPD04 Silverflow [PF]Kael 0:25.85
SPD05 The Great Rest [PF]Kael 0:16.14
SPD06 (Route 1) Down to the River KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:29.68
SPD06 (Route 2) Down to the River KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:38.48
SPD06 (Route 3) Down to the River [PF]Kael 0:16.68
SPD07 k no o.o 0:35.20
SPD08 Los Duosh Puntosh [PF]Kael, Dabi, ioo, KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:39.25
SPD09 Metal fish 1:04.14
SPD10 MORE=BETTER [pf]razor, Kiss riley reid on the lips, Tonis [PF], Lamp 0:25.71
SPD11 Gotta go fast tbh [PF]Poto 0:25.80
SPD12 New Kakariko Village KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:43.77
SPD13 Cancer [PF]Kael 0:54.60
SPD14 007 [PF]Kael 0:40.71
SPD15 floor KYRIAKOS' SIMP 0:19.48
SPD16 Femboy's Spooge Domain [PF]Kael 0:37.40
SPD17 Brine Cave [PF]Kael, ioo, KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:43.60
SPD18 The Great Escape [PF]Kael 0:29.68
SPD19 Jump [PF]Kael 1:23.34
SPD20 Poto's dark forest(with context) KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL 0:22.37
SPD21 Temple [PF]Kael 0:13.25
SPD22 Heightiens Kael 0:42.45
SPD24 Dim Embers [PF] Tonis, [PF]Turki, [pf]razor, <pf>kael, Lamp, pfion 0:08.97
SPD25 Techbase Supreme KYRIAKOS GRIZZLY 999KG FULL, KAELRIAKOS, pfion 0:27.25
SPD26 estate [PF]Kael 0:28.97
SPD27 Ad Inferos Lamp 2:50.08
SPD28 Klaus' Dark Swamp [PF]Kael 0:30.65
SPD29 Foregone Destruction o.o 0:58.97
SPD31 The One Second Dungeon Lamp 0:01.20
SPD32 Space-Time Overflow [Pf] James Tonis, pfion, [pf]razor, [PF]Turki, <pf>kael, Lamp 1:35.97

JM Masochist Club

Map Record Holder Time
JMMC01 Path to the JumpMaze Masochist Club No record set.
JMMC02 Don't fall ! (#1) No record set.
JMMC03 Expert Metal No record set.
JMMC04 Longer, Harder... Life No record set.
JMMC05 Cool Cave No record set.
JMMCSEC Bernoulli Trials No record set.


Map Record Holder Time
AABF The Abandonded Factory Lightning 0:36.74
GMZ02 New York City Demented Terminator 0:43.54
GRAV Gravity Chambers Redux [UTN]Poto 0:45.34
KAVIL Kakariko Village Carpadarp 0:27.31
TRASH01 Nuclear toxin [PF]Poto, Langrenus 0:18.31
TRASH02 In the skies [PF]Tigeriens 0:13.88
TXS Somewhere only we know No record set.
WEB01 Desert Heist Lamp 0:32.51
ZTEEL Zteelworx 2 :airplane: 0:53.97